Since 2013 the Ziesel is known for an unforgettable driving experience. Its powerful electric drive, the intuitive joystick steering and the impressive cross country characteristics offer a multitude of applications. And all that without noise or emissions – but fun.

Ziesel Sport in anthracite grey
Basic Ziesel Sport model in anthracite grey


The off-road version

The Ziesel Sport is most similar to its former versions. The enduring lithium ion battery supports the powerful drive and offers a low mass centre. Therefore the driving and cross country characteristics are simply excellent. The crawler chassis helps to go easy on the underground, while being able to enforce the powerful drive. The drive by wire steering using a joystick is most easy to handle – no matter whether you like to go fast or test your manoeuvring skills.


Information on the latest models

Please feel free to flip through our Ziesel models epaper. On the last page you will find basic price details. If you are interested in purchasing a Ziesel Sport, let us know and use the contact form on the end of this page, please!


A tip:
The more we may know about you and the way you want to use the Ziesel, the better we are able to answer! We are looking forward to getting in touch.


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