Tracked Vehicles with character. And current.

Since 2013 the Ziesel is known for an unforgettable driving experience. Its powerful electric drive, the intuitive joystick steering and the impressive cross country characteristics offer a multitude of applications. And all that without noise or emissions – but fun.

Ziesel group in different frame colours

High-tech made in Tyrol

This electric vehicle was built from scratch. Its development is the result of the know-how and enthusiasm of the Mattro team. There is a lot of technology involved. Yet because of its well done design you will only notice that as much as you really need to.

Our Ziesel are manufactured in Schwaz, Tyrol. Every single one is handcrafted, with regards to design details and high-end technology. 

These vehicles are individualists, like their drivers. Therefore there are no off the shelf Ziesel. We care for customer wishes – and every Ziesel is made to order.

Special requirements like shortened armrests, access aid, foot hold, wheelchair holder, joystick adaptions or individual power programs are possible. Please get in touch; we like to offer our advice and help.

The models are available in different frame colours. The wood cover is darkbrown walnut.  Additionally, there are diverse accessory devices to adapt the Ziesel to your needs.

Ziesel Street in front of photovoltaics plant

Off-road version (Ziesel Sport)

The Ziesel Sport is most similar to its former versions. The enduring lithium ion battery supports the powerful drive and offers a low mass centre. Therefore the driving and cross country characteristics are simply excellent. The crawler chassis helps to go easy on the underground, while being able to enforce the powerful drive. The drive by wire steering using a joystick is most easy to handle – no matter whether you like to go fast or test your manoeuvring skills.

On-road version (Ziesel Street)

In 2016, the Ziesel Street was designed to meet the European requirements to become street-legal. It offers new tracks respectively crawlers for a smooth ride, LED lights, signal lights, brake lights, a control panel and an armrest display.

Ziesel group (green, red and blue)

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